Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wow! Just like a Marvel hero...

... this hero don't get no respect.

...which is interesting because over at Occasional Superheroine, there's a discussion about why Joss Whedon is a Marvel Zombie.

Somehow I'm sure there's a connection between the two above stories, but I'm just not mentally with it to figure out what it is yet. Perhaps it's because of the stuff that happens to Marvel heroes that happens to real people... the romance problems (Peter with Mary Jane and/or Gwen Stacy), the health problems (Tony Stark and his heart), the issues with family (Thor with Odin), etc. That poor guy in the first story... what happened to him would've happened to Peter Parker. Marvel characters always did have a grounding in reality or at least a certain soap opera angle of reality.

Still not sure why Whedon thinks only Batman is less "godlike" than the rest of the DC Universe. Using the above examples of "regular person troubles" doesn't work; for example, Batman never got a ticket for parking the Batmobile next to a fire hydrant. I think it's just that Batman was blessed with more dang good stories than some of his counterparts over the years. I'm in no way dissing any of the work of any creators who worked on stuff other than Batman; I just think that Whedon might be suffering from a case of tunnel vision with such a broad statement.

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