Friday, March 27, 2009

Which Champion am I?

You walk a mystical path, and are a creature of the spiritual and the supernatural. You are introspective and self-reliant, but nobody will ever question your bravery or commitment to justice.

Take the quiz!

Wait! I'm like a girl? As a SAHD, I have enough gender-identity issues. Now this...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Supreme Power!!

A little something I've been working on for a contest on the DAZ Forums.

I guess he really is dead...

...for now, anyway.

Very snazzy costume. Like Martian wear designed by Darth Vader.

Via Newsarama.

Why toddlers don't do what they're told

According to an article on Yahoo. And here I thought I was being tested for something I'd done in a previous life.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Don't tell DAZ that I put this up here. I posted it up on my Renderosity gallery and was asked to pull it down by the Renderosity Gallery Cops. It's just that I posted it on the "Members Only" Forum at DAZ and no one said a word about it. Everyone was too busy wondering what cup sizes could be made with the upcoming Girl4 figure. I can understand why that might be important 'cause the original Girl figure was just a bit too cartoony and out there to stand alongside some of the other DAZ figures. I think I did a nice job toning down some of the extreme-ness of Girl4 for this character.

But, you know, a little feedback would have been nice.

Shall we team up?

The kind people at DAZ have allowed me to test their brand new Girl4 figure coming out soon. This is the first part of something I had cooking but which didn't come together. That Hiro4 figure got screwed up somewhere nine ways to Sunday so I had to destroy him. (I think there were some morph conflicts somewhere and they caused his eyes and face to do creepy things.) I rebuilt him but this is the image I got before the disaster.

Is it still "Poser fun" if I don't use Poser?

I don't use Poser much any more. Too slow on my steam-powered PC. I use DAZ Studio for most of my work. It's usually pretty fast on my PC and does some nice stuff. Sometimes even I make nice stuff with it.

This image is just a test. The textures on the helmet and hair are all wrong and the swirly bits of flash on her arms and legs aren't quite the look I wanted. Plus that elven face is kinda too cute for a creepy Drow. But it's getting there.

Something I was working on...

Just testing out some lighting settings. Still needs a bit of work...

But now that I know how to post images, I'll prolly be putting more things up here to show off before they end up in my deviantArt or ArtZone galleries.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


How long before DC wises up and starts doing something like this? Seriously, the WildStorm books could probably benefit from going all-digital, and the new Blue Beetle would be a natural for a digital format.

It might be nice for crossovers too. Less confusion as to what books you'd need to read since you'd just follow the link to the other story!

And now from Sony...

... a way to save their PSP from DOOOOOOOOOM?


Plus, comparing Apples to PSPs, expect newer releases to have higher specs so this post will be expired about 3 months from now.

Still, pretty interesting...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back in the day...

...we used to call these "backup features".

.... and the cover copy would have proudly proclaimed "Still only 50 cents!" or something like that. Now it would proclaim "Still only $2.99!"


One of the saddest and most on-target satirical comics I've seen in a while.

From Scott Kurtz's satire of the Watchmen as done by newspaper strip characters. It starts here and runs for the rest of the week.

Images updates?

I've still been working on my own images. I just haven't been posting them anywhere.


I dunno.

I think part of it is that posting and getting feedback isn't why I make them in the first place. I do it for the fun and because it's what I'm compelled to do. Seriously, compelled, because the images and ideas just keep coming to me and I have to get them out somehow. Weird, yes, I know. Why do you think I keep a secret identity?

But also, recently I've been interested in Intellectual Property protection and wondering if I haven't been doing enough to protect my ideas. So that's another reason why I've been holding off on posting. But we'll see. I've got a couple of images I'd really like to show off...

Aw.. his boy is all grown up!

Len Wein celebrates as his lil' boy gets his picture taken.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


...from the Bill Gates ranch and high-tech hacienda: iPods and iPhones.

I guess that's only natural. I'm sure there are no Zunes at Steve Jobs' house either.

Maybe Steve Jobs will do something evil during his time off and send the family a nice care package...