Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oooo... scary...

io9 is reporting that John Malkovich is in negotiations to play the Vulture, and that Anne Hathaway might be playing... the Vulturess? What the...?!!? Maybe she'll be playing the Vulture's daughter? That's what'd make sense to me, but then I don't work in Hollywood.

He'll be back... in April!!

Of course, he never really was gone. Just lost in time. But Bruce Wayne will be back in April thanks to Grant Morrison. I betcha it'll involve a couple of Lazarus Pits, and the odd result of creating the device by which Ra's al Ghul will have some semblance of immortality. It should be a fun ride!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"To become whole, I must kill you all!"

If we follow this logic, characters like the Punisher must have a long way to go.

Come to think of it, Galactus might edge out the Punisher as far as body counts go...

Intriguing tho', that in Galactus' first appearance the Big G sends out a robot called The Punisher to deal with those pesky FF people. There was even an Iron Man story later on where Shellhead takes on Galactus' former servant. Now why isn't that robotic Punisher offered as an action figure or Heroclix miniature? He looks mighty cool!

....what was I talking about again?