Friday, June 26, 2009

HEY! You could poke an eye out with that!

Apparently someone tried to do just that.

Now I have to defend myself from assailants with fruit, pointed sticks or Cheetos...


Mark Evanier knows everyone. Well, maybe not knows, more like has worked with or bumped into, as evidenced by this post and this post. Kinda like Forrest Gump, maybe? Or that joke about the guy who knows everyone, including the Pope. I betcha Mr. Evanier has the Vatican's number on his rolodex...

I betcha playing "six degrees of separaton" using Mark Evanier would offer more direct connections than you would if you'd use Kevin Bacon...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sshhhhhhh!! It's a secret...


Holy Moley!

One of my favorite fansites is The Marvel Family Website. Just lots of pure Captain Marvel and friends love and goodness.

Recently they ran an article about a unique power Captain Marvel used to exhibit: the ability to walk through walls! I added my two cents towards the end to show that good ol' Cap ought to have displayed way more unique powers to help differentiate him from the Man of Steel.

This subject deserves a long and lengthy dissertation, but I wanted to just mention it for now so I have the links handy.

To be continued...

Ouch!! It's brutal!

Optimus Prime takes one to the nads!

Please excuse me...

I'm still trying to find my voice. What do I discuss? Do I link to nerd-news stories and offer snarky commentary? Do I go on about my life as a SAHD? Do I discuss my desperate attempts to continue doing 3D long after I've left the field? I mean, other blogs I follow seem to have a bit of a focus... this blog is just all over the place! I feel like I've got a Twitter feed here with a limit greater than 140 characters, but I don't know what to say.

In the meantime, I've got a minor burst of Blog Energy. We'll see how long this lasts. Enjoy it before the long drought starts up again...

Character worth saving from oblivion


From Cliff Chiang's sketchbook.

Speaking of "Heroes Reborn"

I came across this picture and can't help but think that the Jim Lee of today has matured enough as an artist and storyteller so that he would've staged this a bit differently.

Click image for full-sized version.

Send in the Clones!!

From the "repeatedly poke the stick in the fire ants' nest" division of Marvel Comics, Marvel's releasing a Clone Saga mini-series. It looks to be a Monarch Notes version which hits all the high points (no snickering now!) of the original Clone Saga. I'll be checking it out because I'm a fan of series artist Todd Nauck. Here's the story via Newsarama.

Marvel's already revisited the "Heroes Reborn" Earth, so there goes another 90's storyline fans didn't seem to want to be reminded of (although James Robinson did some amazing work towards the end of the Captain America storyline). When will DC jump onto the bandwagon?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mickey Wizards

Boom Studios has announced that they'll be publishing new Disney Comics, including an Italian series called Ultraheroes. News here and here.

However, I think the Boom Studios gang is missing the boat by not bringing this series to a wider audience.

My kids would eat that up!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I think I suggested this a while ago...

Some pictures posted on the City of Heroes website Forums suggest upcoming changes for Issue 16.

Nice, but, I dunno. The graphics still look so 5 years ago. I've really come to enjoy the graphics for Champions Online. I even suspended my COH account because, well, I was bored. Still, we'll see. Maybe we'll see what happens as more info gets released.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Captain America WIP

For some reason, Renderosity won't let me post my image, so lemme post it here!

I'm really enamored by the James Johnson figure for Poser and I've started creating various Poser figures based on Golden Age heroes. I started with Namor and the Golden Age Blue Beetle, and now here's Captain America. I'm still wrestling with parts of it (like the pants poking thru the boots) but the general look is pretty good. Not crazy about the shield, but maybe I can find a better version. Also, since I started this in DS3, I wasn't able to pwToon like I normally would have since it hasn't been updated for DS3 yet. Only a matter of time...

It's just such a funny thing tho'... Years of using Poser and DAZ Studio and I always used it for creating my own characters, many of which I haven't even posted anywhere just for copyright protection purposes. Now all of a sudden I've got this figure and all I want to do is make figures of Namor and Cap and a bunch of others. It's just funny, that's all...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ted Cassidy's got some moves...!

Seriously, Ted Cassidy exemplified to me how, no matter what cool skills or talents you might have, once people see you one, limited way, it's tough to break out and show what else you've got.

More Ted Cassidy goodness.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Since Newsarama won't let me post...

...I just wanted to link to this Alex Ross image which seems to be channeling more of Ross' "Kingdom Come" Captain Marvel.

Also, wanted to point out that this Captain Future is based on this one but not this one.

Since Newsarama won't let me post...

... I wanted to point out that, based on the background described in their article, the Iron Man 2 Whiplash has more in common with Omega Red (with his Russian background and whip-like weapons protruding from his forearms) than with the original Whiplash (now known in the comics as Blacklash).

Newsarama's WordPress app doesn't like me for some reason and won't let me post.

They're just trying to keep me from linking to my Blog here.

BTW, Mickey Rourke reminds me a bit of Robert Shaw in that image as Quint in "Jaws". Maybe there'll be a scene where he tells Tony Stark how he got some of those scars.


Gulliver's one of my oldest characters; the idea for him hit me when I was quite young. Initially inspired by a poster I saw in Macy's at Herald Square for the Disney cartoon, "Gulliver Mickey".

I recently saw Ray Harryhausen's "Three Worlds of Gulliver" for the first time, and it drove me to polish off my character portrait and publish it here. Gulliver first appeared in this image, but that was several versions of DAZ Studio ago.

Don't be surprised to see more of him, he said cryptically...

Not dead...

... just had nothing worth saying, I guess.