Friday, February 27, 2009

The sky is falling!

Would these be the end times only if I believe what everyone else is telling me?

Personally, I think everyone meets an end of their world in ways other people don't. For example, when my neighbor's husband died, I'm sure she felt her world had ended. Or when a tornado or hurricane strikes, I'm sure the people inside it feel it may be the end of the world.

Let me reveal a secret (since no one reads this blog anyway, it should be ok):
I once had a dream where Jesus visited me in my dining room.

Now, even in my dream, I knew this was a big deal. When I heard Jesus was coming, I said to myself (in obvious reference to this bumper sticker) "Oh! I'd better look busy!" He caught the reference and chuckled. After chatting a bit over stuff I don't remember, he asked me: "Are you afraid of the end of the world?" This was a big question, so I sat and reflected on it. Finally, I shook my head and said that I wasn't. He smiled and nodded, and then the dream faded away.

I've often thought about that dream. It came during a time when I was meditating pretty regularly. Much more so than I do now. I was also trying to read "A Course in Miracles" which I still can't seem to finish; I had a much easier time going through Gary Renard's books. I was also reading Buddhist texts and listening to Wayne Dyer and a bunch of other authors and speakers. So I may have approached the question from a different perspective than I might have before I'd done all that work.

Now, I'm the last person who could ever claim enlightened-ment. All I've done is read a few books and listened to a few speakers. I still experience existential angst and am currently going through quite the funk right now. I may look like Moses but I don't have that burning-bush-direct-connection-to-God to get straight answers.


So what brought this on?

Just this and this.

So with all this build-up, the only thoughts I can offer are this:
1) We're living in interesting times.
2) We're living in a time of great change.
3) We'll still be able to catch "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" on Cartoon Network.

Anything else is pure speculation and maybe some educated guessing. In the meantime, there's no use trying to worry about it. We'll move on to whatever's next after the end of this world. We'll still be able to read comics. Maybe they'll be on an iPod or an iPhone or a Kindle or something else. Stories will still be told and Hollywood (or something like it) will try to make money off of them. It'll all be different but the same.

It'll be OK.

It's just all sorts of wrong, it is...

It's like Catwoman wrong. Or maybe Italian Spider-Man wrong.

You judge.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wow! Just like a Marvel hero...

... this hero don't get no respect.

...which is interesting because over at Occasional Superheroine, there's a discussion about why Joss Whedon is a Marvel Zombie.

Somehow I'm sure there's a connection between the two above stories, but I'm just not mentally with it to figure out what it is yet. Perhaps it's because of the stuff that happens to Marvel heroes that happens to real people... the romance problems (Peter with Mary Jane and/or Gwen Stacy), the health problems (Tony Stark and his heart), the issues with family (Thor with Odin), etc. That poor guy in the first story... what happened to him would've happened to Peter Parker. Marvel characters always did have a grounding in reality or at least a certain soap opera angle of reality.

Still not sure why Whedon thinks only Batman is less "godlike" than the rest of the DC Universe. Using the above examples of "regular person troubles" doesn't work; for example, Batman never got a ticket for parking the Batmobile next to a fire hydrant. I think it's just that Batman was blessed with more dang good stories than some of his counterparts over the years. I'm in no way dissing any of the work of any creators who worked on stuff other than Batman; I just think that Whedon might be suffering from a case of tunnel vision with such a broad statement.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The way of the future?

Pointed to this by Scott Kurtz, this totally makes freakin' sense.


It's like being shown something that was right in front of my face all along.

And here's Part 2.

But part of me still wonders if he kinda stumbled onto this idea from playing Elite Beat Agents?

Wishful thinking...

Maybe the folks at Blogger will one day do a Microsoft and cop... I mean, make their own version of ComicPress. ComicPress, so cool Scott Kurtz uses it!

Not that I have any aspirations or plans, mind you. After all, I'd want to make sure my copyrights were protected and all first...

"Thar's GOLD in them thar hills!"

From Yahoo.

I've got a couple of mini-ideas for games (some of them from my time in the video game industry), but my brain is so rusty from being SAHD that I don't think I could code myself out of a cardboard box. I could do the graphics tho...

Monday, February 9, 2009

We survived!

I took my oldest daughter with me to NYCC on Saturday. I had a great time. Not sure if she did though.

Some highlights included:
- Seeing Robert Culp and William Katt signing autographs. It was neat seeing Robert Culp; that jaw of his looks amazingly strong.
- Seeing Lou Ferrigno signing autographs.
- Spotting Dan Didio mugging for photos at the DC booth.
- Chatting briefly with Colleen Doran as she encouraged my daughter not to be shy and to check out her drawing books.
- Seeing the DCUO and Champions Online demos. I even got Champions Online beta code so now I can try it out. Unfortunately my video card isn't up to snuff so I'll have to be patient and try again later.
- Picking up a copy of Jersey Gods from author Glen Brunswick. It's a hoot! I'm looking forward to the next issue!
- Seeing Peter David absent from his table in Artist Alley, but his daughter picking up the slack by offering up her own drawings for sale.

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting. I would've stayed until closing but my daughter was overwhelmed by the crowds and the scale, and the lousy parking lot where we left our car claimed to be closing at 7:00. Ah well...

More as I remember...