Friday, February 27, 2009

The sky is falling!

Would these be the end times only if I believe what everyone else is telling me?

Personally, I think everyone meets an end of their world in ways other people don't. For example, when my neighbor's husband died, I'm sure she felt her world had ended. Or when a tornado or hurricane strikes, I'm sure the people inside it feel it may be the end of the world.

Let me reveal a secret (since no one reads this blog anyway, it should be ok):
I once had a dream where Jesus visited me in my dining room.

Now, even in my dream, I knew this was a big deal. When I heard Jesus was coming, I said to myself (in obvious reference to this bumper sticker) "Oh! I'd better look busy!" He caught the reference and chuckled. After chatting a bit over stuff I don't remember, he asked me: "Are you afraid of the end of the world?" This was a big question, so I sat and reflected on it. Finally, I shook my head and said that I wasn't. He smiled and nodded, and then the dream faded away.

I've often thought about that dream. It came during a time when I was meditating pretty regularly. Much more so than I do now. I was also trying to read "A Course in Miracles" which I still can't seem to finish; I had a much easier time going through Gary Renard's books. I was also reading Buddhist texts and listening to Wayne Dyer and a bunch of other authors and speakers. So I may have approached the question from a different perspective than I might have before I'd done all that work.

Now, I'm the last person who could ever claim enlightened-ment. All I've done is read a few books and listened to a few speakers. I still experience existential angst and am currently going through quite the funk right now. I may look like Moses but I don't have that burning-bush-direct-connection-to-God to get straight answers.


So what brought this on?

Just this and this.

So with all this build-up, the only thoughts I can offer are this:
1) We're living in interesting times.
2) We're living in a time of great change.
3) We'll still be able to catch "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" on Cartoon Network.

Anything else is pure speculation and maybe some educated guessing. In the meantime, there's no use trying to worry about it. We'll move on to whatever's next after the end of this world. We'll still be able to read comics. Maybe they'll be on an iPod or an iPhone or a Kindle or something else. Stories will still be told and Hollywood (or something like it) will try to make money off of them. It'll all be different but the same.

It'll be OK.

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