Thursday, January 29, 2009

iPhone... Future Platform of Choice?

With recent developments in the comics distribution world, The Beat has an article on how some indie comics are being affected. Meanwhile, over on Newsarama, some indie publishers are shown following a different path.

This is really interesting to me. Now I'm kinda fired up and want to find specs for iPhone-friendly graphics. Because, really, this is the way of the future.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Warning: Geek Stuff!

This from IGN.COM: Sam Raimi offers up who he'd like to see as the villain in Spider-Man 4.

Which is funny.

Because back in the day, Morbius was matched up with the Lizard and Man-Wolf, both of whom have made appearances in their unaltered identities of Curt Connors and John Jameson Jr., respectively. Maybe the multiple villains idea was such a hit at the studio that they want to try their hand at it again? Only this time with more classic (read: pre-Venom) villains.

Whee! More action figures!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

My youngest daughter insists on helping me with the housework. Which means I have to do twice the amount of clean-up than I would've if she'd just kept watching "The Wonder Pets".

How does she help? Let me count the ways...
1) She uses the toilet brush to clean the bathroom floor.
2) She fills her emptied Mr. Potato Head bucket with water and a bunch of SoftSoap from the dispenser to use with the toilet brush to clean the bathroom floor, the toilet seat, and the sink.
3) She rips the sheets off of her bed and hides them.
4) She tosses all of the just-matched socks from the laundry basket to the four corners of the bedroom.
5) She draws on the walls so I have something to use my Magic Erasers on.
6) She feeds the cats with handfulls of dry food wherever they might be sleeping. On top of the armchair. Underneath the kitchen table. On the bed.

That's just a start. And yet I don't yell and I don't scream at her, even though she often leaves things worse than they were before. Why? Because when my oldest daughter was her age, I caught her using the toddler wipes to clean the bathroom and toilet seat; as she finished with each wipe, she'd drop it in the toilet. When I found her, she'd completely clogged the toilet. I yelled and screamed and chased her out of the bathroom. We had to call the plumber to unclog the toilet; he ended up having to completely remove the toilet from the floor to get to all the wipes that were still in our pipes. And my oldest daughter never offered to help clean ever again. I think it's because she's afraid of doing something wrong and I'll yell and scream at her again.

So this time I'm grateful for daddy's little helper. I teach her little by little what to do and sometimes she listens and most of the time she doesn't. It's easier to repair damage you can see than the damage you can't.

Being a Stay-at-Home Dad...

... is kind of like that role-reversal episode of "The Flintstones". Do you remember that one? It's the one where Wilma goes in to work for Mr. Slate and Fred stays home to cook and clean. Only, it's 6 years on now and my skills at cooking and cleaning have deteriorated and my wife doesn't come home demanding her brontosaurus burger as soon as she gets through the door.

Well, not as often as she used to, anyway...