Thursday, September 24, 2009

Character worth saving from oblivion: Tyrannus

According to Wikipedia:
In the Roman Empire, Tyrannus claims to be a "sorcerer", but is actually a scientist far ahead of his time. He was exiled by Merlin to Subterranea, a network of caves and tunnels miles beneath the Earth's surface. There Tyrannus discovers a race of orange-skinned semi-humanoid Subterraneans who are eager to find in him a new master to serve. He also discovers a pool of liquid which he drinks to maintain his youth through the centuries. The Subterraneans acquaint Tyrannus with examples and records of technology designed by the Deviants who were their original masters. Tyrannus' scientific genius enables him to master and improve upon the Deviants' scientific wonders over the centuries. Tyrannus becomes Emperor of the Tyrannoid Subterraneans, and an aspiring conqueror.

In the modern era, Tyrannus is finally ready to use this technology and the Subterraneans in conquering the surface world. Tyrannus makes several attempts at conquering the surface world as well as fighting wars against the forces of a new arrival in Subterranea, the Mole Man.

Here's a character who's lived for thousands of years, belonged to shadowy conspiracies (which existed long before The Illuminati and The Cabal) that manipulated events behind the scenes, and controlled an army of little dudes that look like The Greys.

Truly, if there was ever a character with untapped possibilities for some nice conspiracy stories, here he is. Take him out of his quaint Roman uniform, add a touch of The Count of St. Germain, add some UFO conspiracies, and take him as seriously as the X-Men creators (Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and John Byrne) took Magneto seriously, and you've got a character who could be as cool as Ra's al Ghul. It's not like it would take much to give him a makeover, just a reassessment of and commitment to what's already there.


snell said...

Not to doubt, but in 40+ years, Tyrannus has NEVER been anything but lame. Never. Still, anything's possible...

Sphinx Magoo said...

Ah, but see, for a long time Magneto was pretty lame. If you check out some of his appearance in The Avengers, he's reduced to this overbearing schtick where he rants and raves a lot, then he kicks Toad around to show what a tough guy he is. And he still ends up getting his butt kicked. He was even defeated by Daredevil in one Avengers story!

There was no character depth like there is now. He was a bit generic in his villainy, even though he seemed to show a specialty in genetics and used it to create a set of mutates during a stay in the Savage Land. He just seemed to be big on these grandiose plans which always fell down around his ears; by comparison Dr. Doom was shown as extremely capable. Magneto was eventually rebooted after one of his schemes ended up with him turned into a child. Then we got to see the Magneto we know today.