Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Acidic Bullets vs. Disintegrating Flame!

For months now, I've been following io9.com, and there are days when I swear that I could post links here about everything they talk about. However, this little article about The Werewolves of War! deserves extra special mention. Here's their summary of an issue of Astounding Stories now available for free thanks to Project Gutenburg:
Published in the February 1931 issue of Astounding Stories, "Werewolves Of War" by D.W. Hall takes place seven years in the future, after the Slavs have overrun Europe and are now laying waste to the United States. The last scrappy defenders of America are just barely holding off the Slavs at California, and doing battle in the hazardous no-man's land of Nevada. D.W. Hall gives us the kind of writing you just don't see nowadays.
There are samples of at io9. Admittedly, the writing style isn't for everyone, but I love it! Two-fisted action coupled with breathless prose make for an exciting read. Jump to the link above to find out more about the acidic bullets! Witness an example of the anything-goes mentality which helped create the Golden Age of Comics!

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